A través del taller “d’Arts and Crafts” de l’escola, conjuntament amb l’ajuda de pares i mares i sobretot d’un mestre geganter; hem dissenyat i construït dos cap grossos per l’escola i pel poble de Fondarella.
Primer, vam fer els motlles. Després, vam cobrir-los de paper de diari i cola unes quantes capes. Seguidament, vam fer els detalls amb la mateixa tècnica (les cues, els cabells…). Finalment, es van pintar.
Per altra banda, un cop acabats vam dissenyar i confeccionar la roba que portarien. Vam decidir que seria una bata d’escola amb el logo.
Mireu que bonics ens han quedat!

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Dear families,

Last Friday, 9th June we’ve celebrated our ENGLISH DAY AT SCHOOL. We have done some story-tellings with a native English Teacher called Julia. She told us amazing stories in English, thanks her for coming.
Besides, 6th grade students have performed a short theatre play based on the story of “We are going on a bear hunt” They have done a great job! Congratulations!!! All the students have enjoyed a lot!

Fondarella’s Coat of arms

In arts and crafts class we have worked in the study of tghe Coat of arms in Fondarella. So, we’ve decided to work volume in arts and crafts. We have used clay to build our Coat of arms, and also we have recognized its parts as the fountain and crown. Here you could see the final work, amazing!

Symmetry: St. Maria’s Church

In Arts and crafts class we have studied symmetry around us. So, we have decided to work this item using St. Maria’s Church as an example. We’ve given to the students half part of the church, so they had to draw the rest of the church according to symmetry. The results had been great!

Life drawing: St. Sebastian Chapel

In Arts and crafts class we have worked life drawing around us. So, we went out of the school with our folders, pencils, rubbers and papers; we sat down on the pavement in front of St. Sebastian Chapel from Fondarella. First, we have been observing all the details and dimensions. After that, we have started drawing our life drawing. Finally, we have coloured with coloured pencils and crayons. Here you could see the result!

Perspective: Fondarella’s words

In Arts and crafts class, we have studied perspective, so we have learnt the horizon line, one vanishing point, parallel lines… Besides, we have based on our work using Fondarella’s words. So, we have drawn the letters in perspective. Here you could see our works!!